2014: Scientific highlights from the Churchland Lab

December 22, 2014

DSC_0683 (1)

The above photo shows surest lab members at our holiday skate. It was great to get together and celebrate a year of discovery. Highlights include:

January: Matt Kaufman generating the first images of mouse cortex with our new 2-photon imaging setupIMG_0164

February: Attending, and presenting at, Cosyne

May: Being part of the Symposium on Quantitative Biology at Cold Spring Harbor

IMG_9472July: Hosting undergraduates John Cannon and Nikaela Bryan as summer students in the lab

August: The addition of a new postdoc, Farzaneh Najafi, a new graduate student, Lital Chartarifsky, and two new technicians, Hien Nguyen and Angela Licata


September: Using intrinsic imaging to see multiple visual areas in the mouse brain

October: Seeing David Raposo and Kachi Odeomene lead the acquisition of a new technology for behavioral data acquisition (alongside Josh Sanders)IMG_9532

November: Traveling to the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting (and Kachi presenting a poster there)

November: Publication of a paper in Nature Neuroscience with co-authors David Raposo, Matt Kaufman and myself. We report insights from a multisensory decision task.

2 Responses to “2014: Scientific highlights from the Churchland Lab”

  1. jpillow said

    Congrats on a banner year, Anne! Although you forgot to mention: “June: CSHL summer course on computational vision, sans kickball.”

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