selected as an official blog for 2013 SFN meeting

October 25, 2013

I am pleased to announce that my blog was selected as one of the official blogs for the Society for Neuroscience Meeting this year. I will focus on two themes: “Sensory systems and behavior” and “Cognition and Behavior”. You can also follow me on Twitter at @anne_churchland.

This is exciting news as there will be a wealth of fantastic pennscience to talk about at the meeting. But in the meantime, I’ve been arguing with students at Penn about the importance of  an orthogonal representation of task parameters in the parietal cortex. They are a tough crowd and had many great questions after my talk today. In this photo, we are discussing the science at the edge of a pretty pond behind the biology building. Marino Pagan from Nicole Rust’s lab had some interesting ideas about new classification analyses we should try inspired by analyses they undertook in their recent paper.

One Response to “ selected as an official blog for 2013 SFN meeting”

  1. jpillow said

    Congrats on the blogging gig, Anne! That’s exciting (and a weighty responsibility!) We’ll look forward to reading your tweets — please don’t skimp on the sardonic quotes from Tony M!

    Enjoyed the note about the importance of orthogonal representations. Nicole needs to start blogging so we can have a blog v. blog v. blog showdown… 😉

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