An interactive poster presentation

November 21, 2011

My two students, John Sheppard and David Raposo, presented their work at a Cold Spring Harbor poster session tonight. Our poster was a bit unusual: we wanted to communicate to our colleagues how we study decision-making and so we brought a demo version of our laboratory task to the poster session and challenged poster attendees to see how they measured up against our best subjects. We had many takers: about 40 people attempted the task, and we streamed the results from our data collection computer to an iphone, attached to the poster, which displayed them. Top marks go to Glenn Turner, Santiago Jaramillo and Josh Dubnau. Only one of the famed musicians from Greg Hannon’s lab was up for the challenge, and he was a top scorer as well, lending some credence to the idea that being a musician might confer some advantage on our task.

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